At Triad Marketing (TMS), we provide end-to-end solutions in the marketing domain. For us, our clients are more like partners, not just vendors. It's that simple!
Force multipliers for your trade channel!
Channel Reward Programs
Dealer Relationship Programs
Consumer Redemption Programs
Come home to unparalleled verification and dispatching services for customer redemption programs.

Redemptions & rewards.
Smoothly delivered!

Cut Management Costs
Save Big
Almost No Pilferage
Our services with limited dealer & customer interaction rock! 
Our outdoor branding techniques assist dealer awareness like you've never seen before.
Hybrid Marketing Solutions




Customer Loyalty

Channel Reward Programs

We create programs to influence dealers, retailers, wholesalers and other channels which come in contact with customers and affect their buying decisions.

Dealer Relationship Programs

We handle all aspects of Dealer Relationships. These programs create a sense of loyalty in the channel towards a brand or product, boosting long-term sales.

Consumer Redemption Programs

We provide verification and dispatching services for customer redemption programs. Outsourcing to us has helped clients cut management costs and save huge amounts which could have been lost due to pilferage.

Hybrid Services

We also offer services with limited dealer and the customer interaction involved - including services such as creating dealer awareness by outdoor branding.

Full Service Trade Marketing Company 

Channel Rewards | Dealer Relationships | Consumer Redemptions | Hybrid Services 

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