Centralizing the Gates of Retail Branding

India Gate basmati Rice known for their aroma, colour and delicious taste faced a branding quagmire in remote locations. The company wished to station their signage at the retail outlets. The traditional route was either to regulate the movement through distributors or allow the retailers to purchase through their vendor and get it reimbursed from the client. This gave rise to the problem of non-standardization of branding policies.

TRIAD formulated a module to centralize the retail branding Pan India including remote outlets located in far-fetched rural markets. We prepared standard branding blueprints, and arranged & installed signage at all these locations as per prepared SOPs. We also provided the client a mobile application to monitor and establish the status of each of these outlets.

Retail Branding by TRIAD allowed cost effective standardization of POP signage allowing client to enhance its reach and visibility in the market.

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