DELL – A Gift Well Managed

An established brand in personal computing industry was offering gifts on purchase of laptop to the end consumers. Distribution of these freebies through channel was not a concrete option due to high cost and loss due to pilferage. In-house distribution posed procurement and logistics challenges due to geographic dispersion of recipient. Moreover, the promotional offers for each region were specific and hence different gifts were applicable on each claim. The client requested support from TRIAD to assist in his ordeal.

TRIAD undertook the distribution challenge and suggested an ingenious distribution plan that would ingrain data capture and validation to the existing customer database of the company. We created an online portal to allow customers to register themselves and upload their invoice. The claim was then verified and authenticated through a stringent maker-checker process based on 8 parameters. The logistics and tracking of the freebie was also managed by us. The data collected by our module was synced in real time to their central customer database through API Integration.

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